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Evelyn L Rogers continues to be here to represent you. I believe in the importance of representation of people in the legislative process. I am here to serve you.


My motto is birthed out of what I believe.

What do you really believe? Will you really do something about it? Or are you a part of the sleeping giant movement?

Here are some mottos , and books that make a difference to me.

Holy Bible – a must read from it every day. There is truly God-breathed life in this book, bread of life that I can feed on daily  in my spirit, a knowing of the way to go and how to walk in it, my destiny transformed, because HE is alive in me.

In His Steps by Charles Sheldon – So what would Jesus do? Do you have a knowing inside you everyday what the answer to this question is? What will be your every day decisions? Someone asked for my $5 set aside for dinner last night. Was I to give it? Save it? Or spend it? With Jesus alive in me I can ask Him what to do, in daily circumstances, and find He is may way, my truth, and my life.

A movie I watched once gave the motto in action of when you believe something you can pay it forward.  What can I do to help someone else who may need that amount of encouragement  that I give to proceed forward in their life? Will it happen through money, words, character, consistent life style, or what?

On our money in this country is printed the motto, “In God we trust”. What if we had this reminder everywhere we turned?

In every generation there seem to be books, or words, or phrases that make a difference. What are they for you? Have you read and contemplated these? “Yes, Lord” by Harald Bredesen. Or the praise series by Merlin Carothers, at the start of the Jesus movement, “Prison to Praise”, “Power in Praise”, and “Answers to Praise”. These so made a difference for me that I was hungry to read more, and then what? I had to experience for myself what happens when I praise God. Oh what a rejoicing was mine to experience these times first hand.

“The Hour that changes the World”, by Dick Eastman helped me to get started in a consistent prayer time with God. I seem to have always have lived in a busy world. If I could devote 5 minutes a day to 12 different themes in prayer, then I could truly experience an hour that made a difference in my life. So God is there for me personally, every day. I

“God help me” I shout, and my coworker yells, “Jesus help me”. We were on the 9th floor of a library in So. California when an earthquake of more than 6 points but closer to 7 points was rolling in, reached the nearby mountains, and rolled back the other direction in a second wave (or was it an after shock). When you have only time enough to pray quickly, what do you say to the ONE who can help you?  We sat on the floor scooting backward from the plate glass windows, and away from the huge bound volumes of books coming off the braced shelves, with the photocopier rolling across the floor only stopped by the cord with which it was plugged in. God is there for me. Surely you have experienced times when HE saved you too. If it is in your memory right now, do you know who reminded you of that?


Evelyn L. Rogers.